About guerilla playwork

Guerilla Playwork: a concept, a necessity, a movement or synergy?
Or just a realisation?

recreational action
I know what a guerilla is but what is playwork?
guerilla playwork?

a wide definition despite it's apparent specific suggestion.

Can there be one single definition of what constitutes guerilla playwork or
an act of guerilla playwork?

Only ever a very broad one, one which at any given time will be accompanying
an array of playwork aims of which all are in some sense governed by the play
environment and its interactions with the wider world.

Aside of any actual definition here and now, first it is fair to consider as it has
been uttered that guerilla playwork exists now far beyond the immediate
bounds of the profession of playwork itself.

The more often than not little battles that playworkers, play theorists and
practitioners witness and partake will probably always be too many to count
and subject to the wider evolution of play fads and momentum. But this does
not mean that the guerilla actions of today will be repeated necessarily in the
future or that they will be forever regarded as guerilla or oppositional or
alternative or whatever other label or identity they might assume or acquire.  
This fluxative centre that is playwork and indeed the beliefs in playwork should
always be the hub of offspring guerilla ideas and so it follows that definitions
are mostly decided and debated here.

Again just to delay definition for a while longer, consider or just maybe
imagine if you will, what is a major public service profession doing having to
resort to,  rely on and in some cases subsist only on guerilla methodologies
and practices?

You maybe now are closer to some definitive frameworks of what guerilla
playwork might look like.
    guerilla playwork is a valid part
    of playwork. We hope to
    uncover answers to many
    playwork questions and
    concerns; moreover we hope
    that you the reader will do too.

Should Play provision be inspected by OFSTED?
We do not think so and neither do many playworkers.
Register your discontent with ofsted by
joining us - also by
emailing the government and telling them why not - tell ofsted too,
however you register your opposition is up to you but we all know
OFSTED is incapable of inspecting schools effectively so why
should it be allowed to prolong the agony it puts on play groups?
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