guerilla playwork
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Guerilla or so-called guerilla actions often seem to
work well and their aims become either
mainstream or to some degree better integrated.
The recent examples of environmentalists and
even guerilla gardeners and guerilla baggers have
eventually found public media and political favour.
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    Is guerilla playwork about
    illegally or even legally
    removing notices like
    no ball games and
    similar signs?
    No, well it could be but
    we are not endorsing that
    anyone should do this.
    Nor should anyone
    actively seek to
    unnecessarily break the
    reader opinion:
    "maybe there should
    be more monitoring or
    a review of the amount
    and  nature of
    prohibition notices" .

    gpw response:  If we
    add "and their effects
    and effectiveness"
    you probably have a a
    job for a time and
    motion operative or a
    good dissertation
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