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"I, I, I, I' , , , M Ready for Love"
Nice Day For A White Wedding:
Sir Simon Sets a New Playwork Standards, Royal seal of approval?
By K Jones
(Video coming soon Watch This Space)

May rhymes with play, though many believe that a May wedding may not be too good or
lucky. This year May 31st for many people will go down as the day they remember
re-marrying or reaffirming their vows of love and respect for the variety performer of
almost every variety and also for children's play.

On Saturday 31st May 2008 Her Royal Highness Empress of Britannia Queen Amanda of
England  along with Sir Simon Cowell and the Arch Duke Piers Morgan presided over a
show. Queen Amanda herself happily exclaimed that no feel good movie let alone talent
show had come close to the emotion that was felt and expressed by the performers of this
special night.

Probably no body will ever disagree with these sentiments.

Other fascinating issues were also on display.

Apart from the competition and its self sealed glowing appraisals;  in our current cultural
climate probably no one will ever be able to disagree with the fact that the power of and
the need for to provide for free play were more expressed than ever before.

Meanwhile at Liverpool Street Station.
You tube & Freedom to party motivated activists were preparing to enjoy the last chance to revel
and in particular drink alcohol on London's underground. Although unfortunately leaving a large
amount of cleaning they too contributed to a May 31st which saw a ban begin that many see as
an attack on peoples freedom of choice and will and indeed as a slight of peoples' trustworthiness
between individuals groups of individuals and "society" and her rulers.  

Back at the show.
I didn't hear Queen Amanda suggest such rudimentary sanctions to run alongside all the other
stuff She remarked on as being needed for the betterment of Britain.

At the end of the show the last words went to Sir Simon as even his upper lip and tear glands
were tested when applauding George. Surviving as only he might but like most men would he
almost typically  resorted to a fighting analogy: George Sampson was decreed the Rocky of

And as part of my own conclusions that I will fully explore analyse and define and which I'm sure
are echoed by anyone who watched or entered the competition: that show hereon referred to as
"the show", must definitely go on. As indeed must the business of show.

Magnanimous Winner and Humble Honest Contestants Made Up The Final

The winner George Sampson was in the end the BEST PROOF of the power and need for free
play. His story and desire to go out play at and eventually practice to mastery as a busker on the
streets of modern Manchester says volumes in itself.

His words of consolation and encouragement for his operatic counterpart were poetry. As too was
Suleiman's praise for George "We're fans of George anyway".  Prior to George's nailing of his
routine I believed Suleiman was better than Jackson ever was and now I still do, now I am pretty
sure that George is also better. Suleiman hinted that too.

In the end every contestant was humble, watch it back and see. The most skillful in their fields
were all on display and a film script could not have been choreographed better. It couldn't have a
better soundtrack either. It was all good: it was all inspiring.

Likewise, almost every element of play was on show. So many loose parts. Every play type, every
possible play therapy, every developmental stage; even yes in the final I am still only on talking
about the show that night. Throughout the competition en route to the final, the great performers
came and went and the only the very best remained.

Some may argue that one or two were unlucky not to be there but they're not the only ones; and
time will show that the very best talent from Britain that entered the competition were in the final.
The parity and combined wisdom of the public vote and the judges critique worked and got it right.

Okay the final and in particular the order of appearance was most likely arranged decided by the
producers and dreamily ran like a tape you would make up for a friend,  girlfriend or boyfriend as
in the style and passion of High Fidelity. The tape delivered and it produced not far off, if in fact
not the top five all time greatest performances. It took you up held you mellow and crescendoed
around the world via millions of living rooms.

It was nice day for a white wedding so lets start again. Anyone who was lucky to marry on
Saturday 31st May 2008 will probably have scheduled a viewing somewhere in to their day and
then watched it over on the honeymoon. Well the honeymoon for Amanda Simon and Piers looks
like a long one.

To quickly sum up the show - Or - How dare I?

Down to the last of the acts to perform, the now legendary Signature came saw and conquered
hearts and minds with their equally now mythical fun laden routine of Billy Jean a la Bhangra.
Their story gently and modestly told received from Sir Simon the aplomb of "You've just ripped up
the rule book", they got the nights loudest of audience cheering which infectiously though only
momentarily began to ripple and almost immediately  politely refrained to listen to Piers speak,
now respected and no longer laughed at or booed, he knew he'd seen another perfect act.  They
came second.

"There's nothing better than going through an experience like this with your best mate"

Andrew came third, first place George hugged him friend like not just epistemicaly standing and
watching "well done mate you were fucking brill" said someone. At least thats what it sounded like
on Sunday's re-run I cannot make it out on my copy of Saturday's recording.

The perfection of Escala who were left kinda wishing they had been able to do Live and Let Die in
the final and "you know did, you know did, you know did, you know did" produce the best overall
performance on Friday, was left in the wake of the top three.

As was the angelic war stopping vocals of the epiphany that is Farryl Smith.

All the contestants have made what they do and what we can all contribute to "cool again".

In No Particular Order :)

Breakdancing - cool again
Boys dancing - cool again
Boys singing - cool again
Boys and Girls dancing - cool again
Opera Elegant Modern Opera - cool again
Songs about peace - cool again
Swing - very cool again "and I'm Hap Hap Happy again"
- Oneness with Animals - cool again
Bond themes Like they have never been uncool neway - cool again
And last but no less importantly a respectful display - control with martial abilities.
Oh and as an aside going out to play may well be seen as - cool again.

All these things this country could be said to be in need of in these uncertain times.

A question begs but I'll return to that later. Could the result and arrangement of the
players for the final have been worth rigging? Yes. Of course it could, is the simple and
only answer. Though please don't take that to infer that I believe it was or that I am
attempting to infer or encouraging anyone to infer that in any way.

The only thing that I believe influenced the vote other than sheer merit was the power of the
female phone vote and quite possibly the phone voting of children boys as well as girls. And why?

Mums, sisters brothers friends. George's story: even just the part of going through the motions of
the competition itself is Oliver-esque. And thee who nails it sails it - George Sailed to the final and
through it as he nailed his act with heart warming gratitude the only thing on his mind and lips as
he finally got his breath after his performance.

The Scientific Analysis

To breath a while from the endless available superlatives for the analogies of the performances
and the show. All the quintessential clues cues and hues of play, playworking, providing for play  
were similarly evident.

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    "Well done mate
    you were fucking brill"

    - Magnanimous
    Winner BGT2008
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